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Membership Information

MOBC Guidelines

We allow one member from each professional specialty.


Potential Members must visit once before application to the group is made.


Application to the group can be made at


Membership is on a first come first serve basis.  Should two people from the same profession apply at the same time an anonymous vote will take place at the next meeting.


There is a onetime application fee of $120.  New members who join after June 1st will not be required to pay the $50 renewal until the next calendar year.


Membership is $50 annually due in October of each year.


Members are allowed to miss 6 meetings within a 6 month period.  Misses do not count if a substitute is sent.


Substitutes may speak about their own business as long as it does not conflict with that of a current member.


Late arrivals will be counted as a miss.


Members are responsible for notifying the speaker in advance if they need to leave early.


Phones are to be turned off and put away.  Emergencies do happen so notification of the group is requested prior to the start of the meeting if a phone must be kept out.


Speakers will be members or guest speakers whose subject does not conflict with a current member


Members are expected to conduct their business with integrity and honesty.


Members are encouraged to use each other's services,  however it is not mandatory.

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